How To: Guides for users and Maryland T3 admins.

Help: Links and emails for further info.

Configuration: technical layout of the cluster, primarily for admins.

Log: Has been moved to a Google page, accessible only to admins.


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Note that most status pages do not produce output that is easily readable. If you are a user looking for current cluster load, the best monitor for your needs is probably Ganglia. Use the Condor monitor to ascertain the status (and availability) of batch slots. SAM tests if the site is technically capable of servicing grid jobs. The list of currently hosted datasets can be found on the PhEDEx website.

Site map

How To -User guide: Learn how to get an account, connect to the cluster, transfer files, run CMSSW, submit condor jobs and more.

How To -Admin guide: A step-by-step guide with instructions specific to install and configure all software needed by our cluster. Includes a list of critical files, instructions for recovery from failure, and solutions to encountered errors. No longer up to date, Sept. 2015, admins of hepcms, please consult our private Google pages.

Help -For users: A list of emails and links to get further information. Includes links for CMSSW, Root, Condor, CRAB, DBS, PhEDEx, and CVS.

Help -For admins: A list of emails or listservs to get further help. Includes addresses for Rocks, OSG T3 sites and CMS grid tools.

Configuration: A description of the cluster, including the functions of the various nodes, the hardware, disk partitions and network configuration. Intended for admins and advanced users. No longer up to date, Sept. 2015