How To: Guides for users and Maryland T3 admins.

Help: Links and emails for further info.

Configuration: technical layout of the cluster, primarily for admins.

Log: Has been moved to a Google page, accessible only to admins.

Admin How-To Guide

This guide is meant for UMD admins and as a thoroughly documented single use case of a USCMS Tier 3 site. It is based off our cluster configuration and hardware, documented here. It actually is 99% out of date as of 2015 and will be removed and replaced shortly. ADMINS of hepcms: please consult our private Google pages for documentation.

We do not call out where you might need to change your syntax, so if you are a non-UMD sysadmin, we recommend you follow the guides linked at the beginning of each set of instructions and reference our guide to see the choices we made. Warning: Never ever blindly follow instructions on this or any other installation guide. Some choices are optional, some commands are meant to be run on different machines, some are only valid for a first-time installation and will not be valid for a kickstart or re-install.

Last edited September 11, 2015