How To: Guides for users and Maryland T3 admins.

Help: Links and emails for further info.

Configuration: technical layout of the cluster, primarily for admins.

Log: Has been moved to a Google page, accessible only to admins.

Open Science Grid

Description Install, configure, and run an Open Science Grid compute and storage element using BeStMan-Gateway with Hadoop.

It actually is 99% out of date as of 2015 and will be removed and replaced shortly. ADMINS of hepcms: please consult our private Google pages for documentation.

These instructions are for OSG 3.0. Configuration is primarily based on historical choices which were optimized for older versions of OSG and T3_US_UMD hardware and are occasionally difficult to use in the OSG3 setup.
You are better off following the official OSG3 Release documentation for design and setup of your cluster.
We configured a combined CE and SE as described here.
The OSG 1.2 version of this web page is archived for local documentation purposes only.

Warning Never blindly follow commands from this or any other guide. Some may be optional, some are to be run on different machines as different users, some may be only valid during initial setup and not a re-install.
Last modified September 11, 2015